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Important Information! 8/11/2014

On 8/11/2014 the Detroit area was hit by strong storms that brought significant rainfall (6 to 7 inches per hour) causing flood damage to roads, homes, and businesses. Unfortunately, the result was that Rock City Marine sustained significant flood damage. We are currently cleaning up, assessing the damage, and getting everything back online.


Due to the activity needed to prevent further damage, shipments of new orders and responses to email may be delayed. We expect to be back up and running by Monday 8/25.


Thank you for your patience while we respond to the situation.

Beta firmware release! Magnetic compass!

We are excited to announce the Beta release of the RockBox magnetic compass firmware!


This firmware will allow you to take advantage of the RockBox Blue magnetic compass, as well as sensor information to show heel angle and fore/aft trim angle. Now you can have the option of Course Over Ground, or a fast reacting magnetic compass.


Click here to download the magnetic compas firmware Beta version

Our Philosophy:

The main idea that drives our work on the RockBox is that we all have limited time in our lives to spend sailing. If we could spend hundreds of days on the water every year like professional sailors, we would all have our boats perfectly dialed in and know exactly when we are sailing around the course as fast as possible. Since we at Rock City Marine live in the real world like you, we have built the RockBox Blue to give you all the information you need to get your boat and crew to the top of the fleet and make the most of your racing time.


The RockBox Blue Quick Release Mounting System will be available in our online store Tuesday August 20th. Check out the video above and check back tomorrow for all the details!


To review the RockBox Functions, click here.


To go directly to the Rockbox Store, click here.

Tech Support

Rock City Marine is happy to provide you with friendly and professional support for your RockBox.  Please check out our Tech Support page or send us an email if you can't find what you need! 


Check back here for Product Alerts and Firmware Updates!

About Us

You can rely on Rock City Marine for outstanding service on the RockBox.  We are engineers and competitive sailors, so the RockBox is our passion.


Please take some time to review the product and features highlighted on this website.  If you have questions please contact us.