RockBox Blue Construction

Multiple layer LCD window

  • Designed for scratch resistance, sealing, and durability
  • Optically engineered to allow viewing at all angles through polarized sunglasses

Buttons on the case

  • Four multipurpose buttons that can have different uses for different functions
  • Located on the front, where they can be seen
  • Labels on buttons used for critical pre-start functions
  • Dedicated on/off button

Polymer alloy housing with stainless steel fasteners

Durable and UV resistant

Strong and corrosion resistant

O-ring seal for battery compartment

  • Special hollow o-ring seals the battery compartment and keeps the closure force low
  • Durable but also easy to replace (and replacements are free, just visit the online store and pay shipping)

Permanent adhesive seal for electronics compartment

  • The compartment for the main circuit board and LCD is permanently sealed for complete protection from water, salt, and humidity
  • Applied in our factory by robot for reliability

Safety lanyard loop

  • Keeps your RockBox onboard if it gets loose!

Gore vents

  • Allows air to pass between the sealed compartments and the environment they are in to equalize pressure, but blocks all water and moisture
  • Prevents damage at high altitude (for example, during air travel)
  • Equalizes internal temperature to prevent the screen from fogging