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Its here! Magnetic compass Beta firmware is release!

We have put in a lot of effort to complete the magnetic compass firmware for the RockBox Blue. This firmware will allow you to take advantage of the RockBox Blue magnetic compass, as well as sensor information to show heel angle and fore/aft trim angle. Since this is the first time the firmware will be used by RockBox customers, we are releasing it as a Beta version, be aware that there is still the possibility that a bug or two exists in the firmware!


Click here to download the magnetic compas firmware Beta version

RockBox Blue equipped Shimmer wins the first event of the 2014 Audi Melges 20 Miami Winter Series (MWS)

Congratulations to owner Russell Lucas with tactician Harry Melges and Federico Michetti as crew on their win of the first event in the 2014 Audi Melges 20 Miami Winter Series (MWS)! 


Here's a good shot of the RockBox Blue in action abourd Shimmer (©2013 JOY | IAM20CA)


Read the full story here

Firmware update revision BB beta is released!


The beta release of RockBox firmware revision BB is available for download, along with the beta version of the Commander PC software for the RockBox Blue.


The updates to the firmware include:

  • Waypoint functions
    • Distance to waypoint
    • Bearing to waypoint
    • Time to waypoint
    • Save current location as a waypoint
    • Project a waypoint base on distance and bearing
    • Waypoint VMG
  • Ability to automatically change pages based for upwind and downwind
  • Ability to automatically change page a set distance past the starting line
  • Ability to freeze the distance to the starting line for a few seconds when the timer = 0, so you know where you were right at the start!

The Commander software allows easy customization of your RockBox

  • Change settings, such as the damping rate of the speed and COG displayed
  • Disable data logging, if its banned in your class
  • Choose how many pages of info your RockBox has
  • Choose what functions are shown on each page
    • This also allows you to block any functions that are banned in your class!
  • Choose what each button on the RockBox does
  • Choose what each button on the remote does
  • Enter and modify waypoints


Click here to download the update!

See the RockBox in Action!

Check out the photos above to see the RockBox in action. 


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