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Determine your RockBox AMPD Revision


Determine which revision of the RockBox AMPD that you have. Look at the circuit board on your RockBox

(Note: there are no functional differences between the two, just some low level memory layout changes made by the microcontroller manufacturer that require us to compile two version of the same firmware)

Click here if you have version 1.0

Click here if you have version 2.0

Caring for Your RockBox

  • Stay away from using harsh chemical cleaners on the RockBox, use some mild soap and water to clean off the outside
  • Keep an eye out for sand or other debris in the o-ring groove. It could cut or damage the seal and water could get in.
  • Take the batteries out if you're not going to use it for a while, just in case they leak while sitting there.
  • Don't touch the electronics when you're changing batteries, if you shock something, it just might not work anymore...
  • Only change your batteries in a dry place, away from rain and rogue waves. Sorry, we can't warranty water damage to the electronics because it too out of our control where the case is opened...
  • If you do get some water in the case, take the batteries out as fast as you can!!! then dry it out and let it sit for a while, with quick attention it might still work.